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Finding Fathers

Most genealogists can trace their families back quite a few generations on the male line and struggle with the female line. Married women in the 19th century and earlier seldom ever used their own names; instead they were Mrs. So … Continue reading

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Would You Name Your Son after a President?

Some things change and others remain forever. Naming patterns can be like that. During the 19th century, it was quite common to name a son James Monroe, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison or Andrew Jackson. By the last quarter of the … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Dad!

My father Irvin Stewart (Pete) Coley was born May 22, 1921 at his grandparents’ farm in Bryson, Texas. In case you are unfamiliar with Bryson, it is a small community in the western part of Jack County. His grandmother, Nancie … Continue reading

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