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Bucking the Draft

When the United States instituted draft laws in 1862, mass riots disrupted New York City, killing numerous civilians and injuring a multitude of others. After the Civil War, the concept of drafting soldiers was dropped. Only in April 1917 did … Continue reading

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Trails and Traces Across America

During the 18th and 19th Centuries, people in America traveled. Some intentionally were on the move, intruding Europeans forced Native Americans off their lands, and slaves had no choice. For the most part, travel was by water, horseback, wagons, or … Continue reading

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Visit White Rock Sometime

Some day take a drive north on Highway 34 toward Wolfe City. When you see FM 1566, turn left and drive down a slight hill to the old community of White Rock. The area is truly unique to Hunt County … Continue reading

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