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Carol C. Taylor
Historical Research Services

photoCarol C. Taylor is a genealogical and historical researcher with more than thirty years experience in the American South, primarily in Texas.  As a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, Mrs. Taylor closely follows the APG Code of Ethics.  Her location in Greenville, Texas allows Mrs. Taylor to research throughout North Texas.  Research in other parts of Texas can be arranged.

Services include:

  • Genealogical and Family History Research that includes the context of time and place where subjects lived.

  • Consulting

  • Home and Building History

  • Community, Church, or Business Histories

  • Lectures for Seminars, Conferences and Genealogical Society Meetings


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Every day I post an intertesting tidbit about something that happened in the Greenville/Hunt County area 100 years ago. Visit my Facebook page to learn more.

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I have wanted to write a blog regularly for a very long time. The topic is a subject that I feel has been underserved - North Texas, which does not appear to be considered a unique historical area. Yet, one of the early Anglo settlements in Texas, if not the earliest, was near Clarksville in the Red River County.

In 1816 Claiborne Wright moved his family on a hand made keelboat down the Mississippi to the mouth of the Red River. There the family poled its way upriver to Pecan Point where they built homes on the south bank of the Red River. All the time the Wrights and others really believed they were in the United States, on land acquired through the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Prior to 1836 the residents regularly sent representatives to the Arkansas legislature. Richard Ellis represented the area at the Convention of 1836 in Washington-on-the-Brazos. At the same time, his son, who lived in Richard Ellis’ home, represented the area in the Arkansas Legislature. Once Texas became a Republic, the citizens of Red River County dropped their claim to being a part of Arkansas and were satisfied to be Texans.

The Red River settlers arrived and settled in Texas three years before Moses Austin began his campaign to obtain a colonial contract from Spain in 1821. Many of the early settlers here in Hunt County came through Red River County.

In thinking over this plan for an Old North Texas blog, I determined that I would use the Red River as the northern boundary, obviously. The Louisiana-Arkansas lines are a natural east boundary. But the south and west boundaries were a conundrum until I arbitrarily decided on Interstate 20 westward to Abilene. At that point I have chosen to head my imaginary line straight north to the Red River west of Vernon. Yes, this area is also part of West Texas and the area east of us is definitely East Texas. But since this is an arbitrary imaginary line, who cares? I have lots of stories about the region of Old North Texas. To follow my blog, click on the blog link above.

Enjoy! And please let me know your thoughts.

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